Uniform Requirements

LPN 2019 SL

The general intent of this code is to present a professional and hygienic appearance to our patients and co-workers. Each student will have as a standard part of their uniform: 
North Country Community College patch, sewn (not pinned or taped) to the uniform on the left upper sleeve; North Country Community College student picture ID name tag to be worn on the uniform and easily visible. 
All nursing students are required to dress in a hunter green scrub top, with a North Country Community College patch sewn to the left upper sleeve, and black scrub pants.  Students’ footwear should consist of a black shoe or sneaker. Colors are not permitted.  For safety reasons, shoes must totally enclose the foot so clogs must be worn with the back strap in place. Sandals or open-toed shoes are not acceptable. 
Certain clinical rotations may have alternative requirements, which you will be informed of prior to the beginning of that rotation.  Uniforms are purchased independently and should meet the above guidelines. Please see program faculty if you have questions.  
You are required to be in uniform for the Skills Laboratory on the first week of school.