Application Process

The PN Certificate and AAS Nursing (RN) programs are all competitive programs. Competitive admission programs are highly selective.  Admission decisions are based on meeting the listed requirements and other considerations. The preferred application DEADLINE for the PN Certificate program is December 1st. The preferred application DEADLINE for the AAS: Nursing (RN) programs is May 1st.

More offers of admission are granted for the competitive programs than space available. Only those students who have submitted an enrollment deposit prior to the class closing to further enrollment will be granted a seat. This will be done on a first-come, first serve basis.  All other students will be offered a position on a wait-list and their program changed to AS: Health Science (or an alternate program).

In order to be admitted to the PN Certificate or AAS: Nursing (RN) programs, a student must be in Good Academic Standing.  A student may not register for these programs if they are on academic warning/probation or suspension. In the event that a student is accepted into one of these programs and subsequently is no longer in Good Standing, the acceptance offer will be rescinded. All medical documentation and required certification must be on file in the at the college prior to the commencement of a semester.  Failure to provide required information will lead to removal from the program

Admission to the PN Certificate Program

Admission to the AAS: Nursing (RN) Program

Appeal of Denial of Admission and Re-Admission to Allied Health Programs