Nursing Program Facilities

Nursing Program Skills Lab

Classrooms: Lecture rooms are assigned by central scheduling and consistent, specific rooms are reserved for nursing. Malone and Saranac Lake each have a classroom with video broadcasting capability. Classrooms have computer desks, connected internet, telephones, ceiling projectors, screens, and whiteboards in select rooms on each campus. Each campus has Chromebooks available for students to use. 

Laboratories: Skills laboratories are standardized across all campuses and available for student and faculty use. 

Computer Rooms: Each campus offers computer space for students through the library, Learning Assistance Centers (LAC), and computer centers. Saranac Lake provides space for two computers in non-instructional space and Ticonderoga has a mobile cart of laptops available to nursing students in addition to the library and computer room. 

Non-instructional Space: Saranac Lake and Ticonderoga have dedicated computer work stations for nursing students. The non-instructional areas of the library and computer labs are also available to other faculty and students. Students with accommodations are provided opportunity to take exams in the LAC.

Conference Rooms: Conference rooms and video-broadcasting rooms are available across all three campuses for meeting and conferences. These are scheduled in advance with the office of Academic Affairs. Small group meetings and program meetings can be accomplished in either faculty offices or available classroom space. Nursing faculty meetings are video broadcasted twice monthly and face-to-face meetings occur 4-6 times per academic year.

Office Space: Full-time faculty have offices on the respective campuses. Clinical adjunct faculty work either in skills laboratory space or share an office with a full-time faculty member at each campus.