Maintaining Eligibility


NewYork State Grant Regulations
Failure to make satisfactory academic progress towards the completion of a degree or certificate may result in the loss of one or more semesters of New York State TAP or Aid for Part-time Studies (APTS). At the conclusion of each semester, the Financial Aid Office reviews all grades to determine if recipients are making satisfactory academic progress. To remain in good standing for NYS, a student must achieve a certain GPA and earn a certain number of cumulative credits before being certified for the next semester's TAP payment.

Failure to meet one or more of the established standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) will make a student ineligible for financial aid. Financial aid SAP status includes all previous academic history, even if the student did not receive financial aid. Standards are reviewed at the end of each semester, including summer. It is the student’s responsibility to monitor academic progress and to understand the criteria needed to maintain New York state financial aid eligibility.

NewYork StateAcademic Progress Requirements(TAP,APTS)
Satisfactory program pursuit is defined as receiving a passing or failing grade in a certain percentage of a full-time course load each term an award is received. The percentage increases from 50 percent of the minimum full-time course load in each term of study in the first year an award is received, to 75 percent of the minimum full-time course load in each term of study in the second year an award is received, to 100% of the minimum full-time course load in each term thereafter (refer to the table below).

Please note: a “W” (withdrawal) is not a satisfactory grade under the pursuit regulations. Students who withdraw from all coursework after TAP certification will lose TAP eligibility for the next semester.

Students may not receive more than six (6) semesters of TAP in their pursuit of an Associate's Degree unless they are Educational Opportunity Program students.

Pursuit of Program

Minimum full-time course load: 12 credits

Semester of Award Student Must Complete
Semester 1 and 2 6 credit minimum each semester
Semester 3 and 4 9 credit minimum each semester
Semester 5 through 8 12 credit minimum each semester


SatisfactoryAcademic Progress (SAP) for TAP
The chart below shows requirements for satisfactory academic progress which has been approved for State University colleges offering associate and certificate degrees.


The following chart should be used for students who first received TAP prior to 2010-11 or those who meet the definition of remedial student.

Before Being Certified for Payment 1 2 3 4 5 6
Minimum # of Credits Earned 0 3 9 18 30 45
Minimum G.P.A. 0 0.5 0.75 1.3 2.0 2.0




The following chart should be used for students who first received TAP in 2010-2011 or later.

Before Being Certified for Payment 1 2 3 4 5 6
Minimum # of Credits Earned 0 6 15 27 39 51
Minimum G.P.A. 0 1.3 1.5 1.8 2.0 2.0


Remedial Student
Is defined as a student: (a) whose score on a recognized college placement exam or nationally recognized standardized exam indicates the need for remediation for at least two semesters, as certified by the college and approved by the New York State Education department (SED); or (b) who was enrolled in at least six semester hours of non-credit remedial courses, as approved by SED, in the first term they received a TAP award; or (c) who is or was enrolled in an opportunity program (HESC Financial Aid Services Bulletin 2011-005,1).

Progress forAPTS
APTS recipients will be equated to the full-time TAP percentages outlined above. Grades of Incomplete are only acceptable if changed to a standard passing or failing grade before the completion of the next term of study. Grades of W (withdrawal) do not constitute grades which indicate the student passed, failed, or completed all work in a course and cannot be counted toward meeting this program pursuit requirement.

Loss of NYS Aid
Students who have lost their NYS aid may have their eligibility restored by: (1) making up past academic deficiencies by completing one or more terms of study without receipt of any NYS student financial assistance or (2) be readmitted to school after an absence of at least one calendar year
Appeal Provision forNYS Aid

Students who lose their eligibility for New York State financial aid (Tuition Assistance Program/TAP, Aid for Part-time Study/APTS) for failing to make Pursuit of Program and/or
Standards of Good Academic Standing (noted above) may apply for this waiver to have their State financial aid eligibility reinstated. If approved, state aid will be reinstated. Such a waiver can be granted onlyone timeinastudent’s undergraduateacademiccareer. In order to apply for a Waiver for Reinstatement of State Financial Aid Eligibility, the student must demonstrate that an unusual/extenuating circumstance existed while the student was enrolled at NCCC and had affected his/her academic performance; that the circumstance is now resolved or no longer exists; and provide documentation of the circumstance. Waivers must be submitted by the appropriate deadline.

Late waivers will not be considered.