Return of Federal Title IV Funds

The Financial Aid Office recalculates federal financial aid* eligibility for any student who completely withdraws, stops attending classes, or is dismissed during the semester, prior to 60% of the semester being completed. Recalculation is based on the percent of earned federal financial aid using the following formula:

% earned = number of days completed up to the withdrawal date** divided by total days in the semester

Federal financial aid is returned to the federal government based on the percent of unearned aid using the following formula:

Aid to be returned = amount of Federal Title IV Aid disbursed minus Federal Title IV aid earned

When federal financial aid is returned, the student may owe money to NCCC and may also owe funds to the federal government. Students should contact the Business Office regarding any money owed to NCCC.

Federal financial aid for this calculation at NCCC includes Federal Pell Grant, FSEOG, Federal Direct Student Loans and Federal PLUS Loans.

Withdrawal date is defined as the actual date the student began the withdrawal process and NCCC was notified by the student regarding the student's last date of recorded attendance or the midpoint of the semester for a student who leaves without notifying NCCC.

For students who receive all F's or a combination of F's and W's, the Financial Aid Office will confirm the last date a student attended and will return funds if the last date of attendance is prior to the 60% point of the semester. The return of funds in this case would occur after the semester is over and students will be notified via e-mail if they have had a recalculation performed, and if so, will be billed by the Business Office.