NYS State Coursework Requirements

Non-Credit Remedial Coursework

For purposes of determining state aid eligibility, non-credit remedial coursework are NOT considered when determining standards of good academic progress and cumulative GPA. However, completed remedial courses will be used to determine satisfactory pursuit of program.

Courses Outside a Degree Program

Full time students must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credit hours within their degree program each semester to be eligible for a Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) award. If a student is receiving a TAP award and wishes to enroll in coursework outside his/her degree program, the course(s) must be above and beyond the minimum full time load of 12 credit hours. 

An exception is made for students who are entering their final semester (that is, the semester the student is scheduled to graduate). In the final semester, the student is not bound by the requirement and is permitted to enroll in coursework outside of his/her degree program in addition to the courses necessary for graduation to receive a TAP award. (This is not allowed for federal aid.)

Exception:  If you repeat a class for your current program in which you did not initially receive a passing grade, credits for the repeated class WILL count toward your full-time status.  For example, if you require a “B: in a certain class but you earned a “C”, you can repeat the class and the class credits will count toward meeting the full-time requirement for your program.  If you repeat a class because you received a failing grade, the class is counted toward your full-time status for NYS financial aid purposes.

Part-time students receiving Aid for Part Time Study (APTS) can only be funded for those courses pertaining to their degree program.

Repeat Courses

In determining a student’s eligibility for State aid, repeating a course in which a student earned a ‘D-’ grade or better cannot be counted toward full-time or part-time course load, unless it is required by the student’s curriculum. 

Full time students must maintain a minimum of 12 credit hours, not including the repeat course, to be eligible to receive a Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) award. Part time students receiving Aid for Part Time Study (APTS) will not receive payment for the portion of the award that would be used to cover the repeated course.

Federal Coursework Requirements

Non-Credit Remedial Coursework

Non-credit remedial coursework is currently not included when determining academic standing and financial aid eligibility.  

Courses Outside a Degree Program

Only coursework taken within a student’s degree program can be funded for federal financial aid.  There is no exception.

Repeat Courses

A student will be funded federal financial aid to repeat a course if the student has not passed the course. If the course was passed but the student wants to repeat to get a better grade, the student will be funded for one (1) repeat of the course. All repeated course work will be included in credits attempted but only one passed course will be counted as a completed course.

Transfer Credit

Credits transferred in to a degree program from another institution are counted in the number of credits attempted and completed.