Financial Aid Census Dates

In accordance with federal and state regulations, North Country Community College establishes a “census date” each semester after the end of the add/drop period to determine a student’s enrollment status for disbursing federal, state and college aid.

Financial aid is processed towards courses that are required for your program of study and enrollment is finalized by the census date. Hours will be frozen at the end of the add/drop period. Students must be registered for all parts of term before the freeze date to receive a Federal Pell Grant for that class.

Financial aid award amounts associated with late starting classes will not be disbursed until attendance is confirmed in those classes. Students should plan accordingly with regard to financial aid refunds when enrolled in classes that start at some point after the start of the term. Students who are retroactively awarded financial aid (after the census date) will have hours calculated at the time the award is made and payment will be based on current enrollment at that time.

Please refer to the Important Deadline and Dates section for specific dates and details.