Adjustments & Disbursements of Aid

Adjustments to Financial Aid Awards

A student’s financial aid awards may be reduced or rescinded if the student changes enrollment status, receives more than the annual loan limits, withdraws during the semester, takes courses outside their degree program, never attends classes, is not in good academic standing, or repeats a passed course more than one time.


If a student withdraws from all courses, officially or unofficially, their financial aid awards may have to be readjusted. Complete withdrawals are subject to federal, state and institutional refund polices.   

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Dropped courses may affect your future aid eligibility.  Always check with the Financial Aid Office before dropping a course.

Enrollment Requirements for Different Aid Programs

Federal Pell Grants – Full-time (Awards will be prorated based on part-time attendance as follows: ¾ time, ½ time and less than ½ time.)
Federal SEOG – 3 credits or more
Federal Direct Loans – 6 credits or more
Federal Work Study - 6 credits or more
NYS TAP – 12 credits or more

Enrollment Status Definitions

Full-time enrollment – 12 credits per semester
Three-quarter time enrollment – 9-11 credits per semester
Half-time (part-time) enrollment – 6-8 per semester
Less than half-time enrollment – 1-5 credits per semester


Financial aid for the fall and spring semesters is disbursed at the end of the 7th week of the term. Summer disbursements vary based on the start and end date of student's courses. Aid will only be credited to a student account when all necessary requirements for the funds are completed and processed. Keep in mind that if you are receiving a single semester loan, you will receive your loan in two (2) payments. These disbursements typically occur during the 7th and the 9th week of the semester (but could vary based on the College's disbursement schedule or when you filed your aid applications).

In order for students to earn their financial aid, they must attend classes on a regular basis. Federal financial aid is not fully earned until a student has completed at least 60% of the term. Therefore, students not attending classes may lose their eligibility.

When will I receive my refund?

After all institutional charges are paid, excess financial aid is refunded to the student. These funds can be used to help cover housing, food, transportation, and personal expenses. Refunds are processed by the Business Office and disbursed by check (Note: If the disbursement of a Federal Parent (PLUS) Loan results in a financial aid refund, a check will be mailed to the parent.)

Since refunds of excess aid will not be disbursed until the 7th week of the term, students need to budget and plan accordingly.

If a refund included 2nd quarter courses and the student stopped attending all or individual classes, aid may be revised and could result in some or all financial aid returned.  The student will be held responsible for any balance.


Students with actual financial aid in excess of their college bill may charge their books at the College Bookstore.  All financial aid has to be complete and all documents received and approved.  Please go to to view the process.