In the Community

Students are encouraged to do well academically but, at the same time, are inspired to be part of the Saranac Lake community during the program and their local communities after graduation. Most importantly, the profession focuses on being compassionate, caring, and empathic towards others. Therefore, it makes sense that we are out in the community helping those in need and being positively involved with those around us.


RAD Tech Diaper DriveA diaper drive for the Grace Pantry, a local organization located in Saranac Lake. It is a collaboration between the RAD Tech department and the college community. For this particular drive, we supplied the pantry with many diapers and wipes.


Rad Tech students visit Uihlein

Freshmen students help at Uihlein Living Center in Lake Placid by transporting residents to and from their room to the Rodeo event held at the center. This was a great opportunity for the students to interact with geriatric patients and understand the multiple steps involved in transporting patients.


             Petrova Classroom DayEach year the program organizes the RAD Tech Petrova Reading program, which consists of many days throughout the fall semester. RAD Tech students read the book titled: Jessica’s X-rays by Pat Zonta to the 1st graders at Petrova. They also show them bones, display x-ray images, and discuss the importance of healthy living. This is also a great learning experience for the RAD Tech students to communicate with young children, preparing them for the profession.



                 RAD Tech at Historic Saranac Lake  RAD Tech at Historic Saranac Lake

Each spring, the RAD Tech students attend a tour and presentation at Historic Saranac Lake. It’s a great way for the students to feel connected to Saranac Lake and understand the history of TB in Saranac Lake. We also discuss the Study and Craft Guild (original x-ray program)  and the impact it had on the TB survivors.  Many thanks to Amy Catania, Executive Director at Historic Saranac Lake, for this great opportunity.


RAD Tech at Petrova Outside Classroom Day

Petrova Elementary School, Outside Classroom Day, October 2017