Alumni Stories


Alex AshleyAlex Ashley, AAS Radiologic Technology, North Country Community College, 2010

Bachelor of Professioinal Studies: Radiation Therapy, SUNY Upstate Medical University, Syracuse, NY

Hometown:  Norwood, NY

Current position: Registered Radiation Therapist, Mount Sinai Hospital, New York City

Why did you decide to attend NCCC?  I attended North Country Community College to obtain my degree in Radiologic Technology. I applied to the program in pursuit of obtaining the credentials to gain acceptance into Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, NY, where I would further my education and specialize in radiation therapy. After falling in love with diagnostic radiology, I chose to work in the field at Canton-Potsdam Hospital for two years.

I applied to North Country Community College because the Radiologic Technology program is widely recognized and its reputation is highly respected. As a graduate, you know you’re entering the workforce as a competent and confident professional. In addition to that, the job placement rate is excellent and the opportunities for professional growth are endless. Knowing I would be receiving a quality education that would prepare me for an excellent career is the reason why attending the Rad Tech program was so appealing!

What was your experience like here as a student? How were the classes? How were the instructors? Attending North Country Community College, specifically the Radiologic Technology program, feels like you’re being welcomed into another family. The campus is small, so you’re always interacting with your fellow classmates and seeing familiar faces. I loved my time at NCCC -- being able to spend two years living in the heart of the Adirondacks, and in a town often described as one of the most beautiful small towns in America, allows for an unforgettable educational and personal life experience simultaneously. 

It’s no secret -- the Radiologic Technology program is intense, but so is the job. The great news is you have all the support you’ll need to succeed in the program and in the professional field. Becky LaDue, the program director, is not only an exceptional instructor but an equally great encourager. A strong curriculum in the classroom helps you to showcase your knowledge and skillset in the clinical setting- a setting in which you will want to shine and leave an excellent impression for when you’re looking for a job after graduation. 

How did your education at the college prepare you for what came after, and what you’re doing now? By spending so much time grooming my skillset in the clinical setting, with the support and observation of the program instructors and clinical supervisors, I felt comfortable entering the field upon graduation and taking the registry exam. Throughout the clinical rotations, I was presented with nearly all possible experiences of a working professional, and as a result when I entered the field independently I felt prepared and confident.

I worked at Canton-Potsdam Hospital for two years after graduation and worked in many different diagnostic areas including both in-patient and out-patient settings, the surgical department, emergency department, and at a sports medicine clinic. I also received training to complete several CT exams. Once you work as a Radiologic Technologist, you’re able to further explore your interests in diagnostic medicine and will have the opportunity to explore professional paths such as MRI, Ultrasonography, CT, Nuclear Medicine, etc. 

I am now working at The Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City at a radiation therapist. After spending two years working in diagnostic medicine, I attended Upstate Medical University and obtained my Bachelors of Professional Studies in Radiation Therapy. After graduation, I returned to Canton-Potsdam Hospital and worked at the Center for Cancer Care for four years. I had always wanted to work at a large, academic institution and had always aspired to work at Mount Sinai because of their world-renowned reputation. After spending four years working in northern NY, I applied to Mount Sinai and was invited to join their team. The experience of working at Mount Sinai, and in New York City, has surpassed my most optimistic expectations.

Would you recommend NCCC to someone? Why? I would, and I have to many. I often recommend NCCC to anyone who is interested in pursuing a degree in diagnostic or therapeutic radiation. The field itself is truly fascinating each day. For someone wanting to work in this field - it’s not only exciting, but it’s tremendously rewarding. I, specifically, love caring for people in need and with this degree you’re able to do exactly that, and in several different capacities in which you choose (different modalities, large vs small organizations, private doctors’ offices, etc etc.) This is one of the most diverse and customizable degrees anyone is able to obtain. 



Colleen Casey

Colleen Casey, AAS Radiologic Technology, North Country Community College, 2017

Hometown: Watertown, NY

Current Position: Ultrasound Technologist, Women's Wellness and Breast Care, Samaritan Medical Center

Why did you decide to attend NCCC? The first time visiting NCCC I was overwhelmed with how small the campus was! It felt like "home away from home!" NCCC was at the top of my list after feeling that way. I remember every staff member and student I came in contact with that first visit had a smile on their face, and I thought "this place must be a truly great place to be." 

What was your experience like here as a student? I lived on campus in the dorms for two semesters. Living on campus was one of the best decisions I made! I became best friends with one of my roommates who is actually my MOH in my wedding in June 2020! Life as a student at NCCC is a humbling one; It creates lasting friendships with roommates and provides an experience that I know I will cherish forever! 

How were the classes? I took strictly Radiologic Technology classes. Radiologic Technology classes were challenging yet enjoyable!

How were the instructors? WOW! 5 STARS! Becky LaDue and Scott Stringer are the best college professors I have had. They both want ALL of their students to succeed and they go above and beyond to help make that happen. In the Radiologic Technology program it is exactly like being apart of a family. 

How did your education at the college prepare you for what came after, and what you’re doing now? My education at NCCC prepared me for far more than what I expected. Many life lessons learned at college followed through to my medical career. I give all the credit to my professors, Becky and Scott, for guiding and teaching me and to always have the willingness to learn new things. That has definitely prepared me for the journey I am on now which is still in the Radiology field, just a different modality! 

Would you recommend NCCC to someone? Why? YES! I would recommend NCCC to anyone who is interested in furthering their education because NCCC is a great start to a college education and like myself, it was a great end to a college education! NCCC is walking into a home you have never been to yet, it feels like you have always belonged. 


 Tyler Biolsi

Tyler Biolsi, AAS Radiologic Technology, North Country Community College, 2015

Hometown: Carthage, NY

Current Position: X-Ray Tech, Samaritan Medical Center, Watertown NY

Why did you decide to attend NCCC? I attended the college for a multitude of reasons. My Aunt Laurie recommended this program to me because she knew most x-ray techs in this area (including herself) all came from NCCC. Their program truly is the best around! I am a sports fan and I was able to play soccer at the college while enrolled in the Radiologic Technology program. My passion for sports combined with my interest in photography were additional attributes that made Radiologic Technology the perfect field for me. 

What was your experience like here as a student? How were the classes? How were the instructors? My experience was better than I imagined it would be. Some of the best times of my life were spent with the soccer lads on campus and in the Adirondack mountains. The classes were intense, and early! The instructors love their jobs, and it shows. They are always there for help and guidance, and are also a wealth of knowledge in the lab. The amount of successful techs that are working throughout the state and even the country is a testament to how great the teachers are at the college. 

How did your education at the college prepare you for what came after, and what you’re doing now? The program requires clinical training in hospitals, and a lot of it! Clinical rotations set students up perfectly for the real world and allow for a smooth transition to an imaging professional. There is a nice balance between classwork, lab work, and on-site training. The culmination of these things with a couple amazing teachers is an opportunity for a solid lifetime career, starting as early as age 20.

Would you recommend NCCC to someone? Why? I would HIGHLY recommend this program for anyone who has a passion for medical work and is willing to put in the work to become a skilled professional in two years. I am proud to say I am an NCCC Saint!



Alicia Cook, SUNY Chancellor's Award

Alicia Cook, AAS Radiologic Technology, North Country Community College, 2019

SUNY Chancellor's Award, 2019

Hometown: Chateaugay, NY

Current Position: X-Ray Tech, Alice Hyde Medical Center, Canton-Potsdam Hospital

"My experience at NCCC has helped me grow as an individual and become a more confident person. I couldn't have done it without the support and guidance of such inspirational professors and coaches.

Kent Egglefield and my assistant coaches gave me the opportunity to play college soccer and to become the all-time leading scorer for NCCC women's soccer.

Becky LaDue and Scott Stringer taught me how to become an exceptional X-Ray Tech student.  They instilled in me all the knowledge that I will need to pursue a career in the radiology field. Their belief in me was never ending, and for that I will always be grateful that I attended NCCC.

My two years at North Country were an experience I will never forget. I have made memories and friendships that will last a lifetime."