Health Requirements

Rad Tech students at Moses Ludington HospitalHealth Requirements for Radiologic Technology Students

Click here to download a PDF packet of this checklist and the necessary forms and information sheets

In addition to the two (2) State Mandated MMR (measles/mumps/rubella) immunizations and the Meningitis documentation required by Health Records at NCCC, there are other program requirements that must be submitted to the Radiologic Technology office.



  • Information needed the first day of classes are highlighted in yellow
  • If the boxes are not highlighted in yellow, the information is not needed until later in the semester.


  • COVID-19 Vaccination: COVID-19 vaccinations, including the booster, are currently a requirement to attend on campus courses on any SUNY campus. Additionally, vaccination for COVID-19 is currently a requirement to attend clinical rotations at all Radiologic Technology clinical locations.
  • Health Report (physical): Copy below. This form must be COMPLETELY filled out by you and by a health care professional.  NOTE:  All dates (including date of physical exam) must be AFTER July 4th (within six months of the first clinical rotation).  Depending on the clinical sites that you attend, you may be required to submit an updated physical every six months.  Please make sure that your signature is on the second page and the health care professional’s signature and office information are on pages 2 (for the PPD/TB Skin Test) and on page 3 (for the physical examination).
  • Tuberculin Skin Test (PPD): The date of the Tuberculin skin test must be within the last year.  Please have your health care professional complete the appropriate section on page 2 of the health form (enclosed) or submit the information on the letterhead or prescription pad from the health care professional’s office. Depending on the clinical sites that you attend, you may be required to submit a Two-Step Test or a Second PPD.
  • OSHA Respirator Evaluation: Copy below. Questions 1-9 on this form must be COMPLETELY filled out by you and then the document must be reviewed and signed by a physician. If the facility is unable to provide the fit test at that time, the fit test will be completed at a later date at NCCC.
  • Tetanus Shot (Tdap): NCCC and clinical affiliates are requiring proof of a tetanus shot within the last ten years.
  • Varicella/Zoster & Hepatitis B Information Sheets: Copies below. Please sign and return them to this office. As noted on the document, you will need to submit either proof of Varicella vaccination or a positive Varicella titer. In lieu of the Hep B Information Sheet, you may provide proof of positive Hep B titer. Proof of the Hep B series alone is not sufficient to meet this requirement.
  • Seasonal flu vaccination: Due October. NCCC and its clinical affiliates require that you obtain and provide proof of the seasonal flu vaccination. Do NOT obtain this vaccination prior to September to ensure appropriate strains are included.
  • Valid CPR card for Professional Rescuer or Healthcare Provider: Due December. Please see the enclosed information sheets regarding acceptable CPR courses. The date of the certification must be within the past year. If need be, you have the opportunity to attend CPR in the Fall semester at NCCC prior to the due date. NOTE that the CPR certification must be for infant, child and adult with AED and BVM, or it will not be acceptable.  On-line courses without practical demonstration are NOT acceptable.
  • Student Professional Liability Insurance: Due December. All students who have been admitted to the AAS Radiologic Technology program will be required to provide proof of student professional liability insurance and maintain coverage throughout the course of the program. Further information on obtaining this insurance will be covered at the start of the Fall semester.