Alumni Stories

Dane DeGrace 

Name: Dane DeGrace

Degree: AS Business Administration, 2017

Current Occupation: Business Manager, Bionique Testing Laboaratories, Lake Clear NY

“I knew when I got out of the Army that I wanted to go back to school. My initial plan was to go to another college, but they tried to hold my past transcript against me. I applied to North Country in the hopes they would accept me, and they did. They gave me a new start, a fresh chance. I’ve taken on a lot of new challenges and responsibilities, and it’s all been possible because of my education at North Country.”



Bethany Valenze

Name: Bethany Valenze

Degree: AS Sports and Events Management, 2017

Current Occupation: Events and Services Coordinator, Regional Office of Sustainable Tourism, Lake Placid, NY

"North Country Community College gave me the opportunity to pursue my goal of becoming a sports and events management professional and allowed me to make the local connections needed to stay and be successful in the Adirondacks."