SUNY Cross Registration

The State University of New York cross-registration policy was developed to promote timely degree completion by providing access to courses at other SUNY campuses. Registration, once approved between the Host and Home Campus, is recorded on the student’s academic record with a final transcript uploaded to the Home Campus by the Host. By registering for Cross Registration, the student agrees to give NCCC and the participating SUNY Campus permission to exchange personal and academic information for the purpose of completing the request.

A key feature of the cross-registration policy is the SUNY Financial Aid Consortium Agreement. The Financial Aid Consortium Agreement establishes a university-wide financial aid arrangement that enables any SUNY student who is eligible for aid, matriculated in an eligible program, and enrolled at a SUNY campus, to register for academic credit at another SUNY campus. Program-applicable credits may be combined into a full-time load for financial aid purposes using the SUNY Financial Aid Consortium Agreement.

The agreement allows undergraduate full-time matriculated students to cross-register with another participating SUNY campus to complete degree-applicable courses with no additional tuition charges from the Host Campus*. Students are responsible for the Home Tuition and Fee charges and are only subject to any individual course free from the Home Campus if applicable.

Home Campus – the institution where the student is matriculated

Host Campus – the institution where the student will take on additional courses


  • Cross Registration is offered to matriculated students during the fall and spring terms only

    • Full-time students are not subject to additional tuition costs except specific course related fees

    • Part-time students will be liable for the Tuition and Fees cost at the Host Campus

  • Courses taken at the Host Campus must not be available at the Home Campus; the student is responsible for demonstrating the courses being unavailable at the Home Campus would cause an increase in length of completing their degree

  • Courses taken at the Host Campus must be required towards degree completion

  • Students must be in Good Academic Standing and have their account free of any holds


Cross Registration Requests may be denied for the following reasons:

  • not a full-matriculated student in a degree-pursuant program

  • course(s) are not degree-applicable

  • course(s) can be completed at a later time (semester) without causing a delay for graduation

  • courses are available at NCCC (including online)

  • unable to enroll due to non-academic scheduling conflicts

  • registration deadline has passed

  • you have registered for course(s) in another campus prior to receiving approval

  • you have a registration hold preventing enrollment

  • Failure to complete & upload the Cross Registration Agreement and the SUNY online request in its entirety

Student Responsibilities

  • Students must first get approval from their advisor at the Home Campus before applying for cross registration

  • Apply for cross registration via SUNY’s online Cross Registration Form

  • Check the Cross Registration Portal for all communication about your request and information needed by both campuses

  • Submit all required paperwork at the Home and Host Institution including Certificates of Residency for each campus

  • Meet all prerequisites for the intended course

  • Pay any specific course related fees charged by the Host Campus

    • If the student will be less than full-time, the student is responsible for all applicable Tuition and Fees for the course at the Host Campus

  • Inform both campuses if you drop or withdraw from a course

  • Your signature on the Cross-Registration Agreement indicates your agreement to abide by all regulations imposed by the host institution

Home Campus Responsibilities:

  • Review / approval or denial of student requests

  • Complete the SUNY Cross Registration Portal required information for billing, course information and financial aid

  • Maintain academic records for the student

  • Pay the Host Campus for instructional services

  • Bill the student for tuition and fees for both campuses; cross registered students should not be billed by the Host Campus

  • Report data to SUNY, state and other federal agencies

Host Campus Responsibilities:

  • Review / approval or denial of student requests

  • Notify the Home Campus of any enrollment changes

  • Maintain academic records for the Host students including uploading final transcripts to the Home Campus through the Cross Registration Portal

  • Billing the Home Campus for applicable tuition, fees and instructional costs

    • The Host Campus cannot bill the cross-registered student any additional tuition and fees beyond what the student has already paid to the Home Campus therefore never exceeding the full-time rates, other than specific course fees

  • Billing the student :

    • Students may elect to take courses at a Host Campus and pay out of pocket if their Cross Registration request is denied

  • Report data to SUNY, state and other federal agencies