North Country represents at Carnival parade

SARANAC LAKE -- North Country Community College was well represented at Saturday's Saranac Lake Winter Carnival Gala Parade and was proud to co-sponsor the event.

Members of our faculty and staff, current and retired, their children and grandchildren, friends and relatives, students and alumni were all accounted for in the parade and played the part of good Roman citizens perfectly (in keeping with this year’s theme “Roman around Carnival”).

We hope you all had as much fun as we did!

Thank you to English professor Shir Filler and Cait Keefe, academic coordinator, Second Chance Pell Program, for carrying the college banner in the parade.

North Country Community College co-sponsored the 2023 Saranac Lake Winter Carnival gala parade.Shir Filler and Cait Keefe carry the NCCC banner during the Winter Carnival parade.

Members of Soma Beats, including current and former faculty members, participated in the parade.