Malone Campus Hosts Printmaking Workshop at part of SWAN

Artists work on prints at the college's Malone campusMALONE -- The college hosted a pair of open printmaking workshops at its Malone campus as part of an ongoing, month-long celebration of women artists.

SWAN, Support Women’s Arts Now, takes place through March 29, highlighting the often-overlooked contributions of women in the arts. The celebration is organized by The Thrive Project, a committed supporter of the arts, which aims to champion and promote the work of women artists across various disciplines.

Tina LaMour, chair of the college’s art department, is the vice president of The Thrive Project and initiator of the event.

“We are thrilled to bring together our community in this celebration of SWAN,” she said. “Our community has a wealth of artistic talent, and this series of events is a testament to the diverse and vibrant arts scene that exists here.”

The celebration includes captivating exhibitions, interactive workshops, and engaging talks dedicated to celebrating the diverse voices and perspectives of women artists. Through this initiative, The Thrive Project seeks to create a platform that not only recognizes the accomplishments of women in the arts but also empowers and inspires the next generation of creators.

As part of the celebration, the college hosted Malone Moving Prints Workshops on March 13 and 20. Additional and upcoming events include:

-Out of the Box Exhibit, March 1- April 6, Downtown Artist Cellar, Malone,

-Artist in Residence Melanie Yazzie, March 26 - March 29, with an Artist Presentation - March 28, 5-7pm, Downtown Artist Cellar

-Malone Moving Prints Pop-Up Exhibit March 29, 5-8pm Downtown Artist

For more information and a detailed schedule of events, locations, and participating artists, please visit

You can also listen to an interview Tina LaMour gave to North Country Public Radio about SWAN events here:

Artists work on prints in a classroom at the college's Malone classroom