What Students Should Know
Spring 2021
This page contains important information students need to know about the Spring 2021 Semester at North Country Community College. More details will be released soon. Note that these plans are subject to change prior to and during the semester. 
Activity Plan
Instruction/Classes Mostly online with very few classes (less than 3%) on campus. The first day of classes is Feb. 1.
Residence Life The college will not offer on-campus housing for the Spring 2021 semester.
Athletics The college has suspended all athletic competition for the Spring 2021 semester. This decision is inline with the majority of Region III colleges.
College Bookstore
The college's on-campus stores will be closed to in-person visits, but curbside pick-up will be available from Jan. 11 to Feb. 12. For more information:
College Store Website: http://bookstore.nccc.edu
Malone: collegestoreml@nccc.edu 518-354-5170
Saranac Lake: collegestoremain@nccc.edu 518-354-5171
Academic Supports (Tutoring/Library) Online with limited in-person access by appointment only, following screening, testing and mask wearing/social distancing protocols. NOTE: No on-campus appointments are available until Feb. 16, two weeks after the start of the semester.
Student Life Online activities and engagement.
Orientation Virtual orientation.
Spring Break We have chosen to align our Spring 2021 schedule with the request from SUNY to not hold a formal spring break. As a result, the first day of classes has been moved from Jan. 25 to Feb. 1, and the semester will conclude as scheduled on May 13.
Gym, Pool and Fitness Center Closed for the semester.
Screening Required daily each time on-campus
Testing  Required prior to return to campus and as part of ongoing surveillance testing throughout the semester for all students on-campus. Any students who will be on campus must complete our Student Attestation Form.
Quarantine and Isolation Required by NYS Department of Health and county public health departments if one has been exposed or is diagnosed with COVID-19. 
Uniform Sanctions While the overwhelming majority of students comply with the safety requirements in place, those students who violate COVID-19 safety protocols on-campus jeopardize the health and safety of our campus community. Depending on the violation, there are a range of possible sanctions which students are encouraged to be familiar with. View our COVID Conduct Policy for details.
Mandatory Pause In the event that there is a resurgence of the virus in our region and/or on-campus, a return to fully online operations may result.
Commencement, Pinnings All end-of-year celebrations will be virtual.


And be sure to check out this special video welcoming our students to the Spring 2021 Semester!