Rad Tech students on the front lines

Jan. 3, 2022


SARANAC LAKE -- Students in the college’s Radiologic Technology program have been an important part of the team at healthcare facilities across the region in recent months.

Working under the expert guidance of their clinical instructors, sophomore Rad Tech students have assisted patients and gained valuable experience, allowing them to complete their required clinical training in facilities like Alice Hyde Medical Center in Malone and Ticonderoga Community Hospital, pictured here.

The college extends its appreciation to the administrators, staff and all Radiologic Technologists of these healthcare facilities for helping us prepare the next generation of frontline healthcare workers in the North Country.

Our sophomore students pictured here (in green scrubs) are Lauren Montgomery (Elizabethtown Community Hospital's Ticonderoga campus) and Jenna Tashjian and Darian Rowe (Alice Hyde Medical Center).

Sophmore Rad Tech student Lauren Montgomery stands with staff of Elizabethtown Community Hospital's Ticonderoga campus Sophmore Rad Tech students Jenna Tashjian and Darian Rowe (green scrubs) stand with staff at Alice Hyde Medical Center in Malone.