NCCC Student Guidebook to Moodlerooms


Moodlerooms, Joule 2

North Country Community College

Welcome to the Student Guidebook for the Moodlerooms, Joule 2 course platform. In this guide, you will find instructions for log-in and initial navigation around the course site.


The log-in page is found at:

There is also a link to the Moodlerooms site under the Current Students tab on the website.

Look to the top right-hand corner of your page, and you will see the “Log in” tab. Click on it to move to the log-in screen. On the left-hand side of the screen will be two fields to enter your username and password. Once entered correctly, click the “Log in” button at the bottom and you will be transferred to your site home page.

Your Moodlerooms username and password are the same as your log in to email and the student portal. If you have forgotten your username and password, click on the link titled “Forgotten your username and password?”

Trouble with your username and/or password? Contact the NCCC Help Desk at or (518) 891-2915, x4357.

Questions regarding specific course content and information should be directed toward your instructors.



Once you are logged in correctly, you will see your site home page with a list of courses for which you are registered under the “My Courses” tab. Click on the course you would like to enter, and you will land on the course home page.


Here is a link to the introductory video on course navigation:

On the course home page, you will see the general course information. In addition to general course information, you will see hyperlinks to either weeks or topics depending upon the course setup. Click on each section to see the information, activities, and assignments for each week or topic in the course. In some courses, you may see an entire course posted and, in others, you may find only a few weeks or topics posted at one time.

After clicking on a week or topic, you will see various options presented by your instructor. The main instructional activities and information you will see include:

  • Course documents (including syllabi, schedules, instructions)
  • Assignments
  • Discussion Forums
  • Quizzes
  • Video/Audio Links
  • Hyperlinks

With the exception of course documents, many activities are interactive and allow you to respond within the activity or upload documents into the activity section. Be sure to hit the “Submit” button at the bottom of each page before leaving the page.

Here are two links to videos to help you with submitting assignments and taking quizzes:


Grades for your courses will be found either in the “Grades” area of the course home page or on the NCCC Student Portal, depending on your instructor’s preference. For grades listed on the Moodlerooms course site, there are two ways to find the “Grades” section.:

  • Course ToolsGradebook
  • AdminGrades


Browser Options:

When using Moodlerooms, using the following browser options will improve the functionality and assure access to all of the activities found within your Moodlerooms course.

  • Chrome:
  • Internet Explorer 9 or later: (Note: IE required for drag/drop files from an outside browser.) Internet Explorer is the built-in browser on a Windows computer
  • Firefox:
  • Safari 6 (MAC): Safari is the built-in browser on an Apple computer
  • NOTE: When installing any software on your computer, watch the check boxes, and read before clicking yes, to avoid unwanted software.

Browser Settings:

Choose these settings:

  • Enable Cookies
  • Enable Javascript
  • Do not block pop-up windows