Important Dates — Fall 2017

Please retain for reference during academic year 2017-2018

North Country Community College BRIDGE 2018-2019                     


FALL COURSES (beginning September and ending January mid-terms)

OCT 5, 2018


Students will complete on-line application process during NCCC’s September visit to High School.

Students will complete and sign the Course Selection form at that time.

The HS guides students not present through these steps; the Course Selection form should be scanned and e-mailed to or faxed to NCCC Registrar at 518-891-4236.

Only students who complete both steps are enrolled for college credit.

OCT 12-26, 2018 NCCC’s initial Fall course roster will be mailed for final review. Only students listed are eligible for college credit. The instructor and/or counselor needs to verify with students that this roster is correct. Missing students need to be added now to be eligible to receive college credit. Students no longer participating need to be removed. This is the last chance to add any students missed in the earlier registration or remove students with a refund by October 10th.You can view a roster at the NCCC faculty portal at any time. You have received instructions on how to access course rosters. Please identify changes and notify your counselor office and NCCC immediately using the process below. NCCC will not accept enrollment changes directly from students.
No later than OCT 26, 2018 Last date to ADD any students not listed on the Fall course roster. At the high school, the student completes the two-step BRIDGE registration: the on-line application and the course selection form. Immediately scan the signed course selection form and e-mail to or fax to 518-891-4236.
No later than OCT 26, 2018 Last day to REMOVE Fall students from roster with refund (No refunds after this date). Immediately e-mail : for each student, include: full student name, NCCC course number, school, and instructor, last date of attendance/participation & reason for withdrawal.
 OCT 26, 2018  FINAL FALL ROSTER is available for your review. Now, students can only be removed through academic withdrawals. There is no refund for any actions after Oct 13th.Only students listed here are eligible to receive college credit. You can access this roster from the NCCC faculty academic portal.   Please review your roster regularly; immediately notify your guidance office AND NCCC of any changes by using the process outlined above.
NOV 20, 2018 Last date to submit ACADEMIC WITHDRAWALS to NCCC for Fall courses:E-mail separately for each student: full student name, NCCC course number, school, and instructor, last date of attendance for college credit & reason for withdrawal.
JAN 29, 2019 GRADES for Fall semester courses are due at NCCC no later than this date. NCCC Records will send a course roster for your use; attach a grade book either a copy or printout. Mail to: NCCC, Attention: Maggie Willett, Registrar’s Office, PO BOX 89, Saranac Lake, NY 12983


*Registering Students  *Withdrawing Students  *Student Transcripts                          

Contact:  NCCC Registrar

Maggie Willett, Records Office

PHONE: 518-891-2915 x. 1289                                                                                                     

FAX: 518-891-4236


*Missing   *Late   *Refunds  *Other Problems

Contact:  NCCC Business Office             

Barbara Collier, Business Office                                                                                      

PHONE: 518-891-2915 x. 1248

FAX: 518-891-6562


*New Courses    *New Instructors    *Other      

Contact:  Academic Affairs

Sarah Maroun, Associate Dean

PHONE: 518-891-2915 x.1315

NCCC Mailing Address:                                             

North Country Community College

Attention: Sarah Maroun


Saranac Lake, NY 12983